The California Tomato Growers Association (CTGA) was formed in 1947 as a service association for growers of processing tomatoes. Its primary functions were to recruit field labor for tomato growers, set price rates for workers and hire attorneys to advise growers on the Bracero farm worker program. Today, the CTGA is involved in every phase of the state’s processing tomato industry, from establishing a fair price to overseeing international trade and assisting growers in every phase of their production and marketing.

The CTGA is an association of California processing tomato growers that provides economic, public policy and business leadership for the benefit of growers and the industry. The Association represents grower interests through services to its members including bargaining, communications and advocacy to ensure the stability, viability and prosperity of the industry.

In 2006, the CTGA led the formation of the Tomato Products Wellness Council (TPWC), which is a voluntary organization funded by growers, processors and branded marketers. TPWC’s mission: “To increase the consumption of processed tomatoes through facilitation of pertinent collaborative research and generic communication.” To succeed in its goal, the TPWC will fund clinical research which will be supported by targeted public relations.  The CTGA is the largest funder and its other members include the major branded marketers from the US, Europe and Japan; independent processors from California and Indiana; and Canadian and Australian grower organizations.

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