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It offers the strategies for living a healthy lifestyle, guides children on the road to responsible adulthood, provides assistance for greater business profitability and individual financial management-in short, makes the quality of life better for every resident of the state and beyond?

It’s Cooperative Extension-an informal, educational, nationwide network that combines the expertise and resources of federal, state and local governments to improve people’s lives.

We work hand in hand with the College of Agriculture & Natural Resources and their Research and Education Centerin Georgetown, Delaware.

Cooperative Extension University of Delaware Vegetable Crop Program
2012 Commercial Vegetable Production Recommendations
2009-2011 Vegetable Crop Budgets

Processing Vegetables
Lima Beans
Pickling Cucumbers
Snap Beans
Sweet Corn

Fresh Market Vegetables
Seedless Watermelon
(w/ Mulch, Drip Irrigated)

Seedless Watermelon
(w/ Mulch, Overhead Irrigated)

Seeded Watermelon
(w/ Mulch, Drip Irrigated)

Seeded Watermelon
(w/ Mulch, Overhead Irrigated)

Seeded Watermelon
(Bare, Overhead Irrigated)

Sweet Corn

Irrigation Cost Calculators Microsoft Excel

Diesel Center Pivot
Electric Center Pivot
Drip Irrigation

UD Extension Vegetable Program Research Reports

Compost & Slow Release Fertilizer Trials in Vegetables Grown Under Intensive Culture
In-Row Watermelon Pollenizer Demo
Small Plot Pickling Cucumber Variety Trial and Pickling Cucumber Evaluations for Traits Affecting Mechanical Harvest
Watermelon Research Report 2010: Hollow Heart Observations and On-Farm Pollination Survey
In-Row Watermelon PollenizerTrial
Watermelon Research Report 2011: On-Farm Watermelon Survey

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