Nature Cool™ offers both Cel and Glas Pad media. Our Cel Pad is manufactured from a special cellulose and our Glas Pad from a unique glass fiber paper which is impregnated and treated to resist biological and mechanical degradation This provides media longevity and high adsorption rates for optimum system efficiency. The cross fluted design of the Nature Cool™ media results in two important effects.

First, it optimizes the amount of surface area available to hold the water which the air flows over. And second, the angles cause the air to change directions in a way that ensures that all of the air will touch a wetted media surface before leaving the pad. Therefore, the air leaves the pad with the greatest amount of cooling and/or humidification possible. Nature Cool™ pads also act as a natural filter that purifies the inlet air. The carefully designed flute angle directs water towards both the air inlet and outlet side; the water then intrinsically flushes away dust, algae, and mineral build up on the evaporation surfaces.

The Nature Cool™ pad is designed tough. With proper water bleedoff and regular maintenance, it can be used in imperfect water and air conditions. Exact and consistent humidity control can be obtained through evaporative cooling with Nature Cool™ pads.

Diverse Application of Nature Cool™ Pads
The evaporative cooling technology benefits many industries. Greenhouses are able to maintain climate control even in the hottest, sunniest months. Gas turbine generators utilize the cooler and denser air to increase output by as much as 24% when it is hottest and power demands are the greatest. Nature Cool™ can increase quality and decrease cost in the livestock confinement industry. Humans greatly benefit from evaporative cooling when homes and buildings are cooled in the summer and humidified in the winter.

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UL 900 vs. EN ISO 1182 / EN 13823 Flame & Smoke Rating Comparison (pdf)

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