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The purpose of this agriculture directory is to allow our organization members and volunteers, as well as general users, to have pertinent agricultural information available in one place and in multiple languages. During its creation, we have connected with some of the greatest companies in all facets of the agriculture sciences such as vegetable production, field crops, tissue culture, hydroponics, organics, floriculture, genetics, entomology, phytopathology, ecology, sustainable agriculture, financing, governmental programs, extension services and many others.

This directory will always be free and if we do not have or know the answer to your question or problem, we will find it for you.

Generally, our volunteers post your information in our directory from the information contained on your website. However, sometimes logos or pictures are not representative of your business, other times, videos are not available or their location is unknown to us. Commonly, we are unaware that you have updated your website. Is these conditions are affecting our representation of your company please let us know immediately.

You are more than welcome to modify the post about you or your coNon Profit Organizationmpany anyway you see fit. You may change pictures, logos, add videos or other images and as much information as you feel adequate. You are free to change your information at any time and you may also request that your information be deleted from our directory or delete it yourself at any time by registering.

If you are into gardening or commercial agriculture and in need of assistance or if you require help starting an agriculture business, please contact Superior Farming Organization directly at their website

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