To get the high and reliable success rate groClone offers, experiments found it took much more then just blowing air into water with an air pump. The finer you can break up air in water, and the cooler water becomes, the longer it can hold oxygen. This is what groClone accomplishes.

groClone uses the best features from multiple cloning techniques and has a unique way to stimulate root growth. This product is quiet and has a very low profile and weighs about 13 pounds when operating. There are over 50 individual cloning site placed 2 inches apart for maximum yields and ease of handling. While other cloners don’t produce in higher temperatures, groClone has been tested in temperature of up to 85 degrees (constant room temp.) with 100 percent success. The reservoir runs approximately 2 degrees warmer than outside air temperatures.


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Video. Groclone asexual propagation machine. This was done over 5 days.
The results that you see on our website are with the use of a good water source with a balanced pH and low ppm’s. If you are unsure about your water source we recommend that you use a bottled spring water (not distilled or purified/RO). We have tested with several different water sources and find that the bottled spring water gives the most consistent results, roots come out healthy and white, and it is still economical since the units only hold 2 gal. of water. We are continuously testing with different types of additives and have found two products that have proven to have great potential with the use of our units. If used in moderation (light dipping of just the end of the cutting) the use of Island Brand cloning gel or Rootech cloning gel have reduced rooting time in soft stem cuttings by app. 2 days and hard wood cuttings by 5 or more days with both resulting in impressive root formation

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