Hawaii Oceanic Technology is devoted to ocean stewardship and best aquaculture practices. Hawaii is known as the “Silicon Valley” of aquaculture.
Under the advisorship of some of the best minds in ocean science and marine engineering, our Oceansphere™ technology is poised to revolutionize open ocean fish farming with an elegant, practical and responsible solution. The core intellectual property for the Oceansphere™ is our exclusive patented open ocean fish farming platform approach that keeps Oceanspheres in geostationary position like a modern day oil rig.
Our patented design includes innovations that pertain to robotics, geostatic positioning, inertial navigation telemetry and environmentally responsible fish rearing. By leveraging such breadth of expertise and intellectual property, the Oceansphere™ is able to support a self-sustaining deep water environment nearly twice as large as any contemporary tethered cage. The massive scale and deep water operation of this technology affords many benefits, all of which combine to provide an economically viable and environmentally sustainable method to meet society’s ever-growing demand for seafood.

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Video:Environmentally Friendly Open Ocean Fish Farming
The Oceansphere ™ was designed by Hawaii Oceanic Technology, Inc. as a way to domesticate seafood production in the open ocean. It is uses the latest technology and robotics, is environmentally friendly and economically viable. One Oceansphere can produce up to 2,000 tons of seafood depending on species. This is a depiction of twelve Oceanspheres in a one square kilometer ocean column planned off of the Big Island of Hawaii



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