The Bonipak story begins in 1932 when Milo Ferini and Dominick Ardantz formed a partnership to develop a long-term family farming operation. They chose to settle in the Santa Maria Valley with its rich, fertile soil and mild year-round climate. These optimal growing conditions provided the foundation to produce premium quality produce throughout the year. Located on California’s Central Coast, the Santa Maria Valley allows for longer growing seasons, giving Bonipak a competitive advantage over other growing regions.

Bonipak’s founders understood location was just one step to ensure quality and consistent supply. Their vision required the need to control the entire process, from growing, to packing, processing, and shipping. Today, our vertically integrated “seed to sale” approach is carried out by the entire Bonipak family.

he entire Bonipak family treats our responsibility to customers, consumers and the environment with the utmost respect. Sustainability and food safety are ingrained in our culture and in our processes. We are on the forefront in reducing water consumption and run off, preserving both water and land. Our responsible growing practices and environmental commitment will leave the land for future generations as bountiful as it is today.

Throughout all of our operations, Bonipak maintains rigorous safety standards for our produce. With the support of our in-house laboratory and third party auditing procedures, we are able to keep our produce safe.

Bonipak grows, harvests, cools, processes and ships millions of cartons of fresh vegetables to retailers, wholesalers and food service customers all over the world. What sets us apart is our seed to sales approach. We control the entire process, ensuring consistent high quality produce year round. We are proud of the relationships we have fostered with our customers over the past 75 years. We invite you to navigate our website and learn more about us.


Bonipak Produce Inc.
1850 W. Stowell Rd.
Santa Maria, CA 93456


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