Dole Food is the world’s largest producer of fresh fruit and vegetables, known best as a top grower of bananas, pineapples, and other tropical varieties of fruit. Some 200 products are sourced, grown, processed, marketed, and distributed in 90-plus countries, and it peddles its products to supermarkets, mass merchandisers, wholesalers, and foodservice operators worldwide. In addition to fresh fruits and vegetables, Dole produces sliced fruit, fresh salads, canned fruit, and frozen, bottled, and canned juices. The company traces its roots back to 1851, when James Dole founded a pineapple growing and canning company in Hawaii.

Dole Food Company, Inc. believes that in order to perpetuate sustainability, it is of the utmost importance to treat our people, resources, environment and community as our most precious assets. Business can be an important actor and agent for change through creating products and services that society values, establishing primary jobs and efficiently using resources. As a company dedicated to making the world a better place to live both today and in the future, Dole’s mission is to:

  • Providing the world with healthy and nutritious foods.
  • Offering employees competitive wages, ample benefits and a safe work environment. Honoring our employees’ rights.
  • Enhancing and empowering our communities to advance and prosper.
  • Protecting our natural resources and actively seeking ways to reduce our environmental impact.

Dole Food Company, Inc. works with thousands of independent growers from around the world, whose plantations vary greatly in size. Some of Dole’s products are bought from large independent growers, but others come from family farmers, which is often the case in Peru or the Philippines.

Dole believes in order to effectively implement sustainable agricultural practices, it is necessary to develop strong, long-term relationships with our independent growers. Because we strive to treat all of our partners with respect, the Company has worked with many of the same growers for over 40 years!

Dole’s agronomists are specifically trained to conduct formal and informal audits. If they identify issues during a field visit, Dole and the growers work together to find a solution. If an independent grower fails to comply, then it is the responsibility of Dole management to intervene immediately so that product quality and environmental protection are maintained. As part of Dole’s commitment to building healthy relationships, the Company will cease business with any noncompliant supplier.

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