“Who are we…..
We are the urban experiment…
We are the seed that died and went into the ground. We are about 20 families who have purposefully uprooted from out of our comfortable suburban homes and moved into one of the worst neighborhoods in Kansas City. We each bought homes within a 5 block radius of each other and we put down our stake for the sake of the youth and the poor.

Food hitting our plates with who knows what pumped into it and growing economic uncertainty. We took the seeds in our pockets and every square foot we owned and went about like mad scientists testing out innovative ideas from all around world and making them work in one of the most blighted neighborhoods in the US. Everything from urban fish farming to alternate energy. Now let’s pass it on… to our neighborhoods and the nations”.  The Urban Farming Guys

The Urban Farming Guys is a band of pioneers, farmers, and fans, running hard to put the most innovative, accessible, low tech and reproducible solutions for self sustaining community into the hands of everyday people from the inner-cities to the Nations. Beginning with energy, agriculture, and housing technologies, we are beating a path for communities and villages to thrive in any economy. And we are putting videos, diagrams, principals, parts lists and full technology into your hands in our open source knowledge base. Next we are putting them to the test in the hostile environment of the inner city of Kansas City as 20 families now have acquired homes and land within a 5 block radius of each other in Lykins Neighborhood as our first prototype of Sustainable Community. And Lastly to establish a sustainability school and training center. AND WE NEED YOUR TEAMWORK to pull this off. We have come a long way in our dedication but this vision is much bigger than its founders and it depends heavily on your support to make sustainable global impact. Help us equip the next generation to thrive.

Visit thin non-profit website and help.

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